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Jul. 10th, 2014 @ 08:10 am more things to remember
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I remember to bring my nice scissors to work to cut twill tape to sew labels into object cases. I did not remember to bring needles.

Bring needles to work tomorrow!

I did remember to bring my copy of Emilie and the Sky World though, and to bring my eldersign pattern so I can finish that washcloth for my facebook 'make stuff for people' meme, so that's good.

I did not send my RSVP for my friends' wedding reception yet, though I did draw a Pusheen on the back of it. I also did not send my book review contract yet, though I did sign it. I managed to misplace the envelope that came with it, d'oh! I am going to email the review editor *right now* and ask where I should send it (done!). I also opened a file for said book review, and put in all the header information. So that's waiting for me tonight, I suppose!

In hunting around for the review editor's address, I got an update on the pirate book I submitted an article for (based on my Sheffield research, actually, heh). It is out to reviewers now, and hopefully can move along nicely from there. :D

Now if I would only hear back from Shroud >.> I could poke them maybe? Last I heard they were hoping to have news for me in 'a week or so', but that was back in May >.>

In other writing news, the All-Female Author Mythos book that I backed on IndieGoGo has announced its open submission period will be from November-December. They limit is 4000 words. I *really* *really* wanted to send them Cursed Wreck, but it is just over 7000 in its current form. I need to cut it down if I want to do that, but I'm not sure I have the perspective to do so. I'll try looking at it again, but I might need to see if I can find someone else to help me with serious edits. Or I could write something entirely new, I suppose... I'll think about that. But damnit I want to sell Cursed Wreck ;_; It's a good story at heart. Possibly needs some chopping anyway :p

I wandered away from where I started in this post, but that's okay, because I was clever and thought to call upstairs to my old boss/the collections manager for the other gallery and *she* has needles, so I should be set :D
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Jul. 8th, 2014 @ 10:53 am Addresses
I *really* *really* need to email myself my list of past addresses so I can fill them out for the background check to help with camp for work. Bah!

Note to self - do that ;p

ETA - I did! :D
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Jul. 6th, 2014 @ 09:21 pm Spiraling out of control
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Here is a link to the imgur album tat has pics of my tattoo so far.

that was about a two and a half hour sitting, including placement. I probably could have done more but I was hungry and my butt was getting numb from the chair. My artist said it will probably take about three hours to get the rest of the spirals done - they are 'sketched' in already, but they need to be thickened up. The plan is to have them get thicker and thicker and they go down my arm until they are mostly ink instead of mostly skin. I'm not 100% sure when I'm going to be able to go back for more though - it might not be until August, alas!

I don't know why I have always had such a strong association with spirals, but I really do, and I tend to latch on to them and notice them in fiction as well. We meet again, True Detective :V
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Jul. 5th, 2014 @ 06:48 pm Baby Lou Tattoo
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I need my ink injection!

I'm leaving in an hour or so to go to Austin with [profile] malkontent. We're gonna crash at his parents' place overnight, and tomorrow at noon I have an appointment to get a new tattoo. I told my dad today (He and J skyped via ipad from bed in the middle of a tropical storm that had knocked out their power for 9 hours - gotta love modern technology!). Dad: "No! :(" Me "Yes. :D"

I can't remember if I posted anything much about it here - I am starting work on a sleeve of black and red spirals, and I may get another bran in there as well. Under the cut is the image I sent the artistCollapse )

In other news, I had another friend over yesterday to watch True Detective, and we got through the first five episodes. And then after he left, I want and watched most of the extras on the DVD set (which I bought when it was on sale for $25 on Amazon because GIMME). So now my head is all full of it again, and full of other things as well after listening to the writer and director comments on the episodes (not full commentaries - there are two and I haven't gotten to them yet). So what does this mean? It basically means that I probably will eventually finish the meta I started writing after the final episode. I'd been trying to sort out my impressions, and I think part of the reason I was finding it hard to write was just that it gave me *so much* closure that I was a little bit at a loss. I really loved that show, and I really hope that the next season is as good.

Ramblings about Underworld (the game)Collapse )
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Jul. 1st, 2014 @ 03:18 pm Canada Day!
Have a good one folks!

I am having a few ppl over tonight because I apparently haven't been busy enough lately. Also, on top of it being Canada Day, my friend Mara is moving away to Vermont and it was a good chance to gather folks together. I managed to get some things together yesterday and I have some more I'm hoping to get together tonight - I need to whip the rest of the cream, cook the strawberries, and maybe roast my brussel sprouts. If nothing else, those can be my lunch tomorrow!

I have vanilla cupcakes, pistachio pudding squares, fudge, pita chips and hummus, possibly some baby carrots and cherry tomatoes, some veggie chips. I am also going to make a pitcher of iced tea when I get home and, if I have time, see if I can figure out how to reload the soda syphons.

We'll see how much of that gets done - I also want to go grab the maple sugar candies that are at home, so I'll be getting home a little later than usual anyway. At least the berries, cream, and tea need doing! That should all be manageable though.

Wooh! Back to work for now though!
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Jun. 28th, 2014 @ 07:22 pm Things
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I keep thinking about Things I wold lie to post about and then not doing it. organizing my thoughts takes time, and I am often using my time for other non-journaling things.

This afternoon, I helped friend A move furniture to friend B's place, in preparation of friend A moving Far Away and friend B moving back into town. I am leaving in a little bit to go out of town to help friend B move the rest of his things to the new place. My local social map is about to change very dramatically, and I don't know how that is going to shake out - I guess we'll see!

I did a lot of driving today, which was nice. I'm getting more comfortable with it again, but I should really re-read the manual so that i can remember all the things they will want me to be doing that my adult friends who have been driving forever take for granted/don't think about/don't actually ever do.

I was supposed to be house sitting all summer, but the daughter of the house will be home on Friday, so I don't think that will be the case. I am hoping I can coordinate with her some to still borrow the car on occasion to practice driving, but that will require me having people to drive with as well, so we'll see. I really really really want to get my license this summer, when life is still quiet. I really really REALLY want to have it before I have to leave here. I would have liked to have had it years ago, but bureaucracy.

And as so many other times, I started to write more about other things, and got distracted. Now I will be off out of town very shortly!

Ahh well.

But for next time, what would you like to see me write about, internets?
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Jun. 27th, 2014 @ 02:49 pm Edward Teaches History Pt. 3!
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In my continuing quest to conquor the internet, I present to you episode three of the Assassin's Creed: Black Flag Let's Play I've been recording with [personal profile] longpig and [personal profile] wererogue!

Let us know what you think!

In other news, someone is trying to convince my lunch friends to make a podcast of our meandering conversations :p Today's topics included cannibalism, shipwrecks, infant mortality, and Middle Eastern travel. We'd just have to edit out all the silences where everyone is knitting quietly ;p

In other news, I stayed up late-ish last night playing Monaco with folks and it was super fun! Then I dreamed I was playing a different video game I invented in my brain. I don't remember all the details, sadly, but it involved finding and punching meteors that were infected with evil alien spores. When you punched the 'soft' spots, they would deflate back down to their regular size You had to punch them to stop them from getting to earth, I think? And I/the main character was the son of some kind of space admiral? My brain is awesome, guy, I just thought you should know.
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Jun. 25th, 2014 @ 11:00 pm Jukebox!
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I made a sorta half-assed reveals post over in my Writing Journal(s):

On LJ | On DW

I wonder if at this point there is much point keeping them separate, but it is habit now! I like my stories, but the collection is full of other great stuff that is worth reading too!
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Jun. 19th, 2014 @ 08:30 am dreams
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I remember once upon a time when I was trying to update this thing more regularly. Whoops!

Well I had another weird vaguely stressy dream last night. I was in the UK? Europe? somewhere - it may not have been dream-stable. Maybe I was in the UK and we were visiting somewhere else? I have some very clear memories of *places* that I think were real places (or had elements of them) and that I can't quite pin down - dreams mixing with memories in that weird familiar-but-unplaceable way.

Anyway. I am pretty sure [personal profile] longpig and [personal profile] wererogue were there - I might have been visiting them, and then maybe we were in....France? I was out somewhere in a rough-ish area and I was being my usual confident self about the fact that I could take care of myself wasn't about to get mugged or whatever. But, of course, confidence only gets you so far, and I was unable to stop myself from getting pick-pocketed. The thief - which I suddenly remember was wearing a very distinctive hoodie? - didn't manage to get away with my wallet. But he* did manage to get away with some of my bank cards.

The rest of the dream involved me trying to call the bank and get them cancelled and not being able to dial properly or having the right numbers, finding out my account was already empty, etc. I was so stuck in the stress-dream logic that even in-dream rational suggestion like 'why don't you try contacting them through the website instead' didn't make sense to me at the time. Possibly I was having such issues because dream-me forgot about international dialing codes :V But really it was all slipped fingers and mildly dyslexic number mis-readings, and such. The only problem card was my American bank card - for some reason I knew my Canadian Bank was going to be much easier to deal with and that they would have my back if anything went wrong.

Ahh, brains.

*As I was typing this up, I thought that it would be an interesting study to have people keep dream journals and have them record the genders of people they encounter - male/female/fluid/trans/unknown/other options, and whether their own gender, either as themselves or as other dream PoVs is fluid (sometimes I was a girl sometimes I was a boy, I dreamed I was a transwoman, etc), whether the genders of people they know who show up in dreams are fluid ("I dreamed my sister was there but she was a boy"), and so on. There is the matter of balancing dream certainty "I knew this dog was actually my mother, even though she was a dog" versus the act of ascribing gender based on perceptions to factor in too that would also make it interesting (as that's not a dilemma that occurs to everyone). I don't know what kind of conclusions you could actually draw from such a study, but I think it would be a super cool data set to look at!

I do have some other things I wanted to chatter about in here, but probably I should do some real work, hmm?
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Jun. 12th, 2014 @ 08:15 am Crazy Dream!
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I had a crazy, crazy dream last night that involved trying to break into a nuclear reactor to make it melt down so that we could time travel to the future and so survive the impending doom of the world.

I really love my dreams sometimes.

This dream featured:
Xypharan - as our driver
Kit - as someone whose car we needed to steal for Reasons (mysterious reasons)
The Toyota Camry station wagon that belongs to the people I am house sitting for - as the actual crime vehicle
The streets of downtown Fredericton - as the location of or mysterious car theft.
Some Very Steep Stairs - as part of the secret route into the rector facility.
Xypharan's galoshes - ???????

I don't remember a lot of details now, sadly! I know there were a few of us involved in the planning. I don't know how this was supposed to work *at all* or what the calamity was that the Earth was facing.

I know we drove to the reactor several times along the Secret Route, which I can still sort of envision. It was along a footpath, and then driving up some steep narrow stairs. The wheels of the car had to be just exactly on either edge of the staircase for this to work and it was pretty harrowing. Xypharan was driving.

I have *no idea* why we had to steal Kit's car, but I was very apologetic because we basically tricked it away from her. Possibly we needed a decoy? The theft totally happened in the parking lot behind the Fredericton City Hall though.

I remember only bits and pieces - the drive up the stairs is the clearest bit at this point. I also remember when the dream ended. Xyph stopped the car partway up the stairs so that he could put on galoshes over his very shiny pointy dress shoes. I was upset because this was a *very stupid* place to stop, both in the sense that it was a very extreme angle in a place that was not meant for carts, and also that it put us at great risk to get caught! I got fed up in-dream and decided I would help him get it over, but the galoshes themselves were so absurd (the were the rubber shoe-condom kind of ones, only they had shoelace ties at the toes that you would wrap around the toe of the shoe several times, so that the lace ran under your foot?) that it completely broke my suspension of disbelief and I woke up.

That's right - I was fine with the whole 'cause a reactor meltdown to time travel' premise but the shoes were too ridiculous for even my dreaming brain to accept :p

I can actually poinpoint where a lot of the elements of the dream come from, at least!
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